Customer Questions

Parsian Electronic Sirvan Company has numerous representatives in all cities of Iran where customers can purchase their desired products by visiting them. Additionally, HISKA products are also available on the country’s top online shopping websites.

All HISKA products are sourced from the best manufacturers in China due to their years of experience in the field. Some of these products are sourced from leading technology countries with the highest possible quality and standards from the official and legal channels of the country. After obtaining necessary licenses and meeting required standards, they are imported to Iran and made available to fellow citizens. What sets HISKA products apart from competitors is not only the high quality of components sourced from reputable suppliers in China but also their competitive prices in the Iranian market. Iranian customers have the right to purchase and use products of genuine quality at reasonable prices.

All HISKA branded products come with warranties for replacement or repair ranging from 6 to 36 months, depending on the type of product.

It would be our pleasure to collaborate with individuals and businesses in various parts of the country engaged in the supply and sale of accessories. Please contact the sales department and representatives to initiate the necessary discussions for collaboration after necessary evaluations.

The strategy for the presence and distribution of HISKA brand products does not entail exclusive representation in any of the provinces of Iran. The overall approach is to improve service levels in various parts of a province to better facilitate access to HISKA products for all customers.